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Family, Collegiality, Community: Shepstone House

Shepstone House is the most recent of the boarding houses at Maritzburg College, with a keen connection to the heritage of our city. Shepstone House is home for Form 3 to 5 boarders and prefects, housing up to 90 boys. Like the other boarding houses, it has its own character and vibe. The welfare of the boys is the priority of Shepstone’s eight-teacher staff complement, with each boy being assigned to a staff mentor who looks out for his holistic education and wellbeing.

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Shepstone House creates a boarding atmosphere that simultaneously nurtures individuality and the special College community spirit. Shepstone boys become young men with guidance, support, and in a spirit of mentorship that aspires to be an extension of home.

Shepstone House is the most recent of the College boarding houses, yet it incorporates one of the oldest buildings on our campus. Built and originally owned by Sir Theophilus Shepstone’s son, Henrique, the original Victorian mansion was purchased from the Shepstone family on behalf of the school in 1919. In October 2017, construction started on a new boarding house alongside the original dwelling and, in January 2018 the first batch of 26 Form 4 “pioneers” moved into “old” Shepstone’s. Upon completion in September 2018 of the attractive new three-storey boarding house, “new” Shepstone’s, boarders in Forms 3-5 joined the house.

Housemaster Contact Details

Shepstone House
Ricky Chirengende

Meet the Shepstone Housemaster

“Shepstone House was officially opened on 25 September 2018 and it is the latest building on the College campus. The house, from 2019, housed 82 boys and my aim as housemaster is to ensure that we produce a boy who holds strong College values. With boarders, amongst these values include integrity and commitment.”

– Ricky Chirengende

  • Looking Home: Hear from a Shepstone Parent

    Matric seems to have some sort of a presence about it. When it is mentioned, everyone is grateful to not be in your position. Matric is busy – that’s a fact – and, for many, it was unbearable. For some reason, none of the boys in Elliott House have this issue. Although there are times when you get a bit too much homework, or you might have been pushed harder than you think was necessary on the rugby field, whenever you return to Elliott house, you have all your friends around you who are in the same boat. It is relieving and sometimes this feeling has the power to let you have a laugh on days you would not think it is possible.

    Dave Sharp
    Shepstone House parent

The Layout of Shepstone House

Shepstone House has six- and eight-man dorms, modern bathrooms, a dedicated common room, and wi-fi connectivity. The house not only provides a comfortable ‘home away from home’ but also seeks to nurture excellence and a sense of good citizenship. This is achieved by the closeness between boarders, boarding staff, and prefects who live in a house that provides well-structured, welcoming features.

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