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We want to make sure you can enjoy regular College updates – even when life gets busy. Scroll through the headlines and take a couple of minutes to read our quick reads – College #redblackwhite stories for when you’re on the move.

From Cassidy’s Couch: July 2021

Keep Safe and Support Each Other Good morning fellow cast members of this apocalyptic movie we find ourselves in. A reminder that it is completely natural to be feeling anxiety and other negative emotions during this uncertain and turbulent time. We are actively supporting some frightened and concerned young men (who are also being very...
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From Cassidy’s Couch: June 2021

Preparing for Exams…and Avoiding Test Anxiety Mid-year tests are here… and with them, come stress and anxiety. When we get stressed, the sympathetic branch of our automatic nervous system gets switched on. Initially this is a cool thing – because when this system is activated the neurochemical adrenaline is released. Adrenaline gets us going and...
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2022 Closed Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our Scholarship Recipients Maritzburg College extends congratulations to the recipients of our 2022 Closed Scholarship awards: Brad Cook – from Cordwalles Matthew Smart – from Cowan House Max Cameron – Richard Neave Closed Scholarship – from DPHS Dax Jursa – from Laddsworth Craig Wilson – David Beetar Closed Scholarship – from Merchiston Jayden...
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What Is This Thing Called “Schooling”?

Lessons from Keith Richardson (Before the wax melts) and others… In a recent communication from the Association of Public Boys’ Schools of South Africa (APBSA), a feature article focused on retired boys’ school headmaster, Keith Richardson, and his book Before the wax melts. The article highlighted the following pertinent points that have relevance both for us...
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Celebrating Our Friends of College for 2021

Recognising 4 loyal Supporters of our School On the evening of Friday 4 June, Maritzburg College welcomed four new members into its ‘Friends of College’ ranks. Started in 1994,this group was created to recognise, honour and celebrate people who have given service to the school and to education, in a variety of ways. To date...
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College’s Hockey KZN Inland Selections

Provincial Recognition for our #RedArmy Congratulations to our Maritzburg College hockey players who gained KZN inland selection for 2021.
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NSC 2020 Results Revised

Congratulations to our Class of 2020 – Final Results It is my pleasure to update the community to share the final 2020 National Senior Certificate results after a number of boys requested a remark As a result of the remarking, we are pleased to announce the following adjustments: Subject Distinctions: Increased from 410 to 427 SURNAME...
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Sport Results: 14-15 May 2021

Rugby, Hockey & Soccer highlights After a 21 month break it was with great anticipation and excitement that College hosted a full round of winter sport fixtures. Hockey and rugby matches were against Sarel Cilliers and Clifton with filler games against Glenwood, Voortrekker, Hilton and Greytown. Recorded videos of some of our games are available...
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Sport Results: 7-8 May 2021

College vs DHS Hockey College played 16 hockey matches this weekend winning 10, drawing 3 and losing 3 in a very good first round of fixtures to start of the winter sport season. Nine of the games were against DHS, and our RedArmy secured a convincing 5-0 victory. 1st XI match report: Kyle Emerson, 1st XI coach...
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Top 10 In Form for Term 1

Celebrating Academic Excellence Congratulations to the following boys who have all excelled academically in Term 1 and have ended in the Top 10 of the form. We celebrated with these boys at the traditional termly Good Report Morning Tea held in the Victoria Hall. TOP 10 TERM 1 2021 FORM 2 Shangase L Naidoo DC...
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Happiness Week 2021

Music, Drama & Art mixed with Food & Fun in our Recognition of the Importance of Serving Others The College campus was abuzz with a variety of activities and events to celebrate Happiness Week.  The programme, now in its 5th year, is driven by the 17 cultural societies/clubs at College.  #Kindnessiskey underpins this initiative.  The Cultural Affairs team...
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From Cassidy’s Couch: April 2021

Are you experiencing Burnout? Burnout is a state of mind that comes with long-term, unresolved stress that can negatively affect your work and your life. In an ideal world, nobody would experience burnout, however it is becoming more and more common with searches for “signs of burnout” increasing by 24% in 2020 compared to the...
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