Independence Earned

Elliott House

A Boarder’s Final Year: Elliott House

Boarders at Maritzburg College see out their final year in Elliott House. Exclusively for Sixth Formers, Elliott House is a graduation to a more privileged boarding experience – one that has been earned, one that cultivates lasting College memories.

Elliott is a rite of passage for Matric College boarders before they leave our great school. The facilities pay homage to this through a sense of circularity, with boys from the original Nathan House years being reunited again in Elliott for their final year. They join us with well-defined direction for their academic, sporting, and cultural life. At Elliott, we give them the structure to continue to grow, unified by purpose, unified by Elliott. We met as boys, we part as men. We part as friends.

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At Elliott House, emphasis is placed on the friendships made and the making of final school memories – a celebration of the story as the College chapter comes to an end.

With each boy having his own room, Elliott House affords Form 6 boys the independence to apply their skills to self-study as they prepare for their final examinations. From the layout of the building to the spirit it houses, boys are primed to perform at their best. They are also given the tools to achieve a healthy balance between study, sport and culture, and leisure. Within the #RedBlackWhite BE, Elliott holds an unmistakable prestige – the respect of the forms beneath, home to the school’s mentors, leaders, and friends.

Housemaster Contact Details

Elliott House
Cameron Fraser

Meet the Elliott Housemaster

“Elliott House is the Sixth Form House, which means that the boys have the privilege of being in their single dormitories. The focus for us is academics. We do our best to create an environment where boys can excel in their academics and perform well in every aspect of their College boarding life.”

– Cameron Fraser

  • Looking Up: Hear From the Elliott Head of House

    “Elliott House – a house built on memories, culture, and brotherhood. The infamous “Alcatraz”, it is a house raised on a pedestal. Amongst the five boarding houses, Elliott has its own uniqueness, which separates it from the others. This is home to a diversity of athletic, cultural, and academic individuals, united by the house. Elliott has a system designed to allow the boys to express themselves within a structure and ultimately prepares them for the world that awaits them. This environment is created in many ways: from the housemaster’s unwavering commitment to the boys, exceeding all expectations and seeking a personal relationship with each boy, to the relentless nature of the boys to push themselves in all aspects of matric life and produce growth. All of this is done in a bold way and the right way.”


    Ndumiso Zondi
    Head of House 2021
  • Looking Forward: Hear from an Elliott Boarder

    Matric seems to have some sort of a presence about it. When it is mentioned, everyone is grateful to not be in your position. Matric is busy – that’s a fact – and, for many, it was unbearable. For some reason, none of the boys in Elliott House have this issue. Although there are times when you get a bit too much homework, or you might have been pushed harder than you think was necessary on the rugby field, whenever you return to Elliott house, you have all your friends around you who are in the same boat. It is relieving and sometimes this feeling has the power to let you have a laugh on days you would not think it is possible.


    Elliott House is special. There is a remarkable essence that is brought to Elliott House as the Matric boarders come together after having experienced their own College journeys since being united in Nathan House in Form 2.

    Ben Tarr
    Elliott Boarder

The Layout of Elliott House

The three-storey Elliott House accommodates Sixth Formers in individual rooms fitted with built-in desks, wardrobes, and shelves. This is the first time a College boarder does his study and prep work in his room and boys are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. Elliott boarders have access to a large common room with a television, comfortable seating, as well as table tennis and pool tables for leisure time. The top four academics have the added privilege of their own, en-suite bathroom.

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