From Cassidy’s Couch: July 2021

Keep Safe and Support Each Other

Good morning fellow cast members of this apocalyptic movie we find ourselves in. A reminder that it is completely natural to be feeling anxiety and other negative emotions during this uncertain and turbulent time.

We are actively supporting some frightened and concerned young men (who are also being very brave) and involved in community trauma responses.

Our School Psychologist has provided important information regarding FREE therapy resources that are available. Please share these with our boys and make use of them for yourself and your family if urgent.

Lifeline 0861322322
SADAG 0112344837
Suicide crisis line 0800567567
Trauma helpline 0800205026

The following have also been provided to assist people with managing fear and anxiety from the unrest, especially resulting from exposure to the media, during this time:

Take care and stay safe!